Homebrew Workshops Lessons

Our homebrewing classes aim to arm you with what you need to know to make your own craft beer at home. Working from the raw materials as opposed to extract you’ll be taken through a whole brew from beginning to end. We limit classes to 11 people maximum, this is to ensure that people learn what is needed to know. If you’re looking to get into ‘proper’ home brewing or just improve your skills these days are perfect and are also available as a Gift Voucher.

The class itself is run over a day and is hosted by one of our in house brewers. This varies a little bit, it can be anyone from one of our top brewers to one of our enthusiastic regular home brewers (we have a few of these guys). We do however promise that whoever is running the class will be great at home brewing!

We provide all the equipment for your homebrewing classes and you will get lunch in our Tap Room (please inform us if you have any dietary requirements). We do aim to have a veggie option on our menu every day.

The class itself will start out with an introduction to homebrewing, the principals and ideas behind its practice, then you will proceed onto actually putting together your own brew. You get to leave with a demijohn of the beer you brew with the yeast pitched (you will learn all about that).

We do encourage you to ask and even bring questions along, please do not be shy.

It is a detailed class, however we do aim to give you all the info you need, to Home Brew… at home!

Contact brewerytours@londonfieldsbrewery.co.uk for further info.

Home Brew Class Gift Vouchers:

If you know somebody who might particular enjoy one of our homebrewing classes, or are simply after a nice gift idea for a friend or loved one, then you can purchase a class for them in just the same way as you would normally by clicking Buy Now and selecting Gift Voucher on the options. They make a perfect Father’s day, Mother’s day, Christmas or Birthday gift.

Group and Private Classes:

We also do private and/or group bookings for special occasions such as stag do’s at times to suit you. Please email for further details and to arrange a booking for your special event –  brewerytours@londonfieldsbrewery.co.uk